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Carly R
Amazing Experience This was my first prenatal massage and it was an incredible experience. Alice was professional, nurturing and played amazing background music. I will definitely be back soon!
Andrea N
Best Prenatal Massage ever!! I have never had a prenatal massage where the therapist knew what they were doing until I came to Pregnancy Massage Center. I walked in hurting and walked out feeling relaxed and that’s a first.
Diana B
Prenatal massage Love the experience felt amazing right away! Came in with lots of hip pain and instantly felt relief upon leaving !
Just What I Needed I'm almost 22 weeks along in my pregnancy and my sleep quality has completely diminished. Alice focused on my trouble areas (lower back, mostly) and created an incredibly relaxing experience. I can't wait to book my next appointment!
Katie Hermes
Therapeutic Massage Just shy of 37 weeks pregnant, I saw Amy for a massage. I’ve only had one professional massage in my life, and Amy was generous and patient in her answers to my newbie questions. I decided I wanted a therapeutic massage with firm pressure focused on my lower back and hips, which had been achy and painful for the past two weeks or so. Amy was incredibly conscientious during the massage, making sure that her pressure at certain points remained comfortable for me. I appreciated the frequency with which she checked in: it was often enough that I felt cared for, but not so often that it pulled me out of my (very!) relaxed state. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I walked out of the building feeling like I wasn’t carrying 25 extra pounds around my middle. The pressure on my hips and back was almost completely alleviated. When I woke up the next day, my typical achy hips weren’t nearly as angry—at the end of my work day the following evening my back still felt limber. After I finish writing this review, I’m going to schedule my next appointment—it’s worth every cent.
Maria S
amazing pregnancy massage I am pregnant with twins and gaining weight very rapidly, my back has been in some severe pain and Renee made sure she talked to me to understand what was going on and address my needs. The pillow placements are amazing and the massage itself was a godsend. She really worked on my back and made me feel SO much better. I will definitely be coming back through the rest of my Pregnancy! My only recommendation would be to get some better airflow- the lobby itself is warm and the room itself could use some extra fans with the blankets being on the whole time. Pregnant ladies are warm and it should be cooler in there but otherwise, amazing!
Wonderful! I highly recommend the Pregnancy Massage Center. The staff is welcoming and experienced, and the facility is very clean and relaxing. You will leave feeling amazing.
Jaclyn H
Just What I Needed I have not been sleeping well due to aches and pains and this massage put me to sleep! The table set up was very comfortable. If I could put one in my bedroom right now, I would. Alice was amazing. Immediately made me feel comfortable and didn't an excellent job.
Danielle M
Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating! I had my first Pregnancy massage and cupping with Amy and it was incredible. She was amazing and the massage was exactly what I needed for my aching body. The cupping was a first for me and I really enjoyed it. Definitely will be doing it again in a few weeks!
Hillary H
Wonderful experience Leslie Anne did a wonderful job all around! She gave great pressure, checked on me throughout, and made me feel very comfortable. I left feeling so much better than I have in weeks!
Lavionica S
Awesome This was my first time in life getting a massage and let me say it was awesome! The music was just right the setting in the massage room. The lady I forget her name made me feel so comfortable. I am 38 weeks pregnant this was just what I needed this past Saturday. Sorry if I was snoring lol. I think I had fell asleep towards the end of the session it was worth it. My sister had gotten me this massage for my birthday back in May I decided to wait until the ending of my pregnancy to go in for a massage. It was easy to find and there was parking in front of the pregnancy massage center as well. They also had great other places to park as well. Overall I give them 10 stars if I could. I’ll definitely be back once I’m going through the PP stage. I think after that massage my baby is coming any day now. Thank you ladies so much!
Great massage center This was my first time getting any type of massage and my husband picked the pregnancy massage center as a mother's day gift for me, and I must say, he made a great choice! From the time my appointment was made, I received a very detailed email informing me about their late policy and information about parking, since parking can be tricky in the area. They also send several reminder emails, which was awesome because it's hard to forget your appointment. Once I arrived for my appointment, I found that the atmosphere was extremely calming, peaceful and it smelled wonderful in the massage room. My massage therapist was absolutely amazing, and not only gave a great massage, but also great conversation. I will be returning to this center to get massages throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and will recommend it to my friends as well.
Megan W
Amazing! Lindsey was phenomenal and it was so nice to just relax and get pampered!
Ann S
Exactly what I was looking for! Leslie did a fantastic job with my pregnancy massage. I’m 36 weeks and have a job that has put a toll on my body the last several weeks. My range of motion and overall comfort was drastically better after the appointment. Thank you so much!
Greta H
5 stars Review of Leslie Anne At about 37 weeks, my bod was tired and this pregnancy massage was heaven! It's the only thing I wanted for Christmas and had been looking forward to it for a couple months. Leslie was wonderful and worked out the knots in my back and I got such a good night's rest after this massage. She was attentive, engaged, so thoughtful, and asked about any specific needs and was just so lovely. I walked out of the massage center feeling ten pounds lighter with the eased tension and soothed muscles. Very refreshed. Thank you so much and I hope to be back soon!
Eryn F
Best prenatal in all of my 3 pregnancies If you are looking for a prenatal massage do not waste your time or money going anywhere else. I love massages, I get them frequently and as soon as you get pregnant the massages start to suck, right when you need it the most! This place is great, they aren’t afraid to treat a pregnant lady with proper pressure and therapeutic relief. Literally such an amazing massage, you won’t regret it!
Danielle W
A real massage! Review of Leslie Anne THANK YOU Leslie for giving me a real massage! I received a "pregnancy massage" a few months before at a spa (not associated with Pregnancy Massage Center) and they barely put any pressure on, but Leslie did an amazing job using the perfect amount of pressure to help my back feel so much better. I look forward to returning and am so happy they do postpartum massages, so I can enjoy after my son arrives!
Elizabeth G
Just what I needed My third trimester has been full of aches and pains and after my massage I could actually walk about without feeling every ache with every step.
Great massage! Very relaxing
Best massage I have ever had I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with back and SI joint pain for weeks. The pain was making it uncomfortable to walk, sleep, and generally move around. I tried stretching, heat and ice. Amy worked WONDERS on me. I’m now two days past my massage and am back to going on long walks and comfortable sleeping. It was a deep massage but also relaxing enough that I fell asleep. Can not recommend the Pregnancy Massage Center enough!
Courtney W
Amazing job The therapist listened to my needs and worked on the areas I needed most. I was extremely happy with not only the massage but the care and respect I received. I will be returning for another massage in the future!
Sunny N
Great, Professional Massage Renee was great, and I enjoyed my massage. I was past my due date, and she both pressed on the pressure points connected to inducing labor and also showed me the points and how to use them. I would highly recommend and wish I came earlier in my pregnancy.
Wonderful! I had a fantastic experience at the Pregnancy Massage Center. It was a splurge for me but absolutely worth every penny. I would recommend this place to anyone (non-pregnant and male friends alike)!
Elizabeth H
Best massage I had an amazing massage with Lindsey. It was so relaxing, thought she applied great pressure and really hit my problem spots. I’ll definitely be back!
kenya b
Best pregnancy massage ever! Tara I believe was wonderful she listened and applied the correct pressure I asked for. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep half way through the massage :) I’m definitely coming back post pregnancy !!
Lynitia C
Amazing! Absolutely the best massage I've ever had! Renee was very professional and attentive to my needs. Simply the best!
Kenna H
Couldn't be more satisfied! Tara is amazing and exceptional at providing a relaxing and comfortable experience. I felt a million times better after a massage from her -- I will definitely be back!!
Sherry M
Wonderful Wonderful Experience I just had my first massage with Amy and she was spot on. My therapist of 20 years moved! I'm picky and my former therapist was amazing. Fortunately so is Amy Hayes. Amy has a balanced sense of touch and is deeply knowledgeable about the body. I'm very particulary about who I let work on my body and I'm thrilled to have found Amy.
Marlena M
Not your typical prenatal massage At 37 weeks my back was starting to really bother me. I was not confident about spending the money on a massage since the once I have had in this and my last pregnancy the therapists seemed scared to really work on me. The pillows and bolsters available at most spas are not substantial enough to make a mama comfortable. My experience at the Pregnancy Massage Center was quite simple the best pregnancy massage I've every had, and I've tried many. Nice firm pressure, skilled therapist, super comfortable environment, extremely knowledgeable therapist. Don't wait mama, go.
Francesca R
Great massege! What a great experience! Amy is a fabulous masseuse and had great knowledge of pregnancy, I will certainly go back!
Amanda V
First pregnancy massage I’m in my third trimester and I just had my very first massage here at this center and it was incredible. My therapist worked out all the knots between my shoulder blades which was definitely needed and massaged my entire body. The table is set up so you’re laying on your side very comfortably and the center and rooms have a peaceful ambiance. My therapist was friendly and professional and offered me tea at the end of the massage. It’s a bit pricey so I won’t be able to get it done as much as I’d like but I’ll definitely be going back.
Paulette B
Best message ever! I received the most amazing message yesterday by Amy Hayes, I have had pain in my shoulder for a year Amy was able to relieve a lot of the pain and is helping me toward being healed. The experience itself was wonderful. Amy really knows her craft and I would recommend her to anyone I know. In fact my husband will be making a visit soon.
Lyz F
Amazing Review of Lindsey Glover 100%recommend
Crystal S
Ahhhh-mazing I had a 36 week, 60 minute pregnancy massage with Tara that was heavenly. By the time she was done, I almost forgot I was pregnant! I would highly recommend Tara and Pregnancy Massage Center.
Michelle M
AMAZING! Review of Alice Phillips Had an amazing massage by Alice. I'm 37 weeks and my legs and lower back are very sore. I wasn't going to get a pregnancy massage because I only had one previously and it wasn't that great of an experience at another massage place. SO happy I found Alice and will definitely be back!
Aya B
A great experience My experience post partum with Kathy was great. She really knew her craft and it showed throughout the experience. I walked in feeling tired and achy and walked out feeling incredibly light and lean from my 75min in her hands
Larrie Fisher
AMAZING! Amy was fantastic! Very friendly and personable. She listened intently to my physical struggles / aches I've been dealing with during my pregnancy and offered helpful advice. The massage was the best I have ever had - truly! She applied the right amount of pressure but maintained a therapeutic and relaxing approach at the same time. A wonderful and relaxing experience - such a gift to me at this point in my pregnancy to feel such relief. THANK YOU!!!
Kelley S
Absolutely AMAZING I would 100% recommend the Massage Center to every pregnant lady out there! Best 60 min of my life!
Lauren S
Amazing Massage I had a massage with Leslie. It was amazing, I left feeling very relaxed. Leslie focused on areas I’d asked her to. Overall one of the best massages I’ve had.
Nadine D
Awesome Massage!! I literally fell asleep around the time Alice put that amazing smelling eucalyptus near my nose. It was sooo soothing and relaxing and accommodating to my very present belly. She took her time to ensure I was comfortable before, during, and after. Highly recommended! Thanks Alice!
Carly S
Fantastic and much needed massage I just had the most wonderful massage with Kathy. I went in really needing to work out kinks in my shoulders, neck and lower back from my postpartum baby body. I left feeling like a new person. Kathy was able to hit every area and it was a very relaxing and calming experience.
Emilie L
Amazing Massage My experience at the Pregnancy Massage center was AMAZING. Not only did I feel very relaxed but Amy was able to do something with my body to make it feel "normal" and aligned in a way I haven't felt in months! I highly highly recommend going here or getting any pregnant woman you know a gift card here!
Amy knows what she’s doing! I’ve waited till 6 months pregnant to find someone with some real expertise. It makes all the difference to put yourself in capable hands! She found the knots and explained to me why my whole back hurt from the curve in my back. It was such a relief to get some answers from someone about why I was hurting! She also took the time to show me some exercises I could do to continue the work she started. Highly recommend!
Uduakobong E
Best massage ever!!! I received my first prenatal massage at 40 wks and 5 days pregnant. Tara was amaaazing and very friendly. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even realize I fell asleep. I’m still pregnant but the massage definitely got things going. I’ll definitely be back after I gave my baby.Thanks again Tara.
Excellent massage! Very happy with my prenatal massage at the Pregnancy Massage Center. Amy was fantastic and my experience was great. Can't wait to come back!
Jennifer K
First Prenatal Massage I was a little nervous about getting a massage because it had been such a long time. But Alice made me feel very comfortable with her laid back attitude. The massage definitely helped with some of my lower back issues and I plan on making future appointments.
Dawn M
Grateful Tara was amazing and truly changed my life. I've had many massages before and I am pregnant with my third child. She really made me feel comfortable and she helped me relax better during my high-risk pregnancy. I am grateful for her and the experience. I will return soon.
Kayla Grant Coons
Great Massage! The massage was absolutely wonderful! I was 38 weeks and 5 days and the Maya technique along with the descending meridian points definitely seemed to help get my little one into the right position! Excited to begin labor with looser ligaments and totally relaxed after such a mindful hour of self care!
Great massage! Alice was wonderful, and really created a relaxing and comfortable environment for my massage. So appreciative; thank you!
Great service and Calming atmosphere Review of Utamu Onaje Utamu listened to my concerns and was able to target each area that was aching during my third trimester.
Autumn W
Relaxing and Informative Wonderful massage. She was professional and offered tons of great information for me to research and make the best options for myself. I will be re-booking!
So worth it! I am so glad I decided to book a message here. I've only had a few professional massages in my life and wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable with one during pregnancy. Leslie was great - She really focused on the areas I identified as needing attention, and was direct and professional. The whole experience was relaxing and easy. I went at 35 weeks and hope to return once more before baby arrives!
Total Relaxation My Therapist Was Amazing. She made sure I was very comfortable before she made moves and she made sure I was happy with the level of pressure!!! I would certainly recommend her and the center. I can’t wait to return next month.
Nicole K
Utamu was fantastic! Utamu helped work out a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders from breast feeding for the last six months and also becoming pregnant again. I haven't had much tension since my massage with her a week ago. She has strong hands and a healing personality! I highly recommend a visit to her.
Amber H
Yesterday’s massage Amy was very pleasant and informative. She explained how my sleeping positions contribute to labor and overall wellness and I was very pleased with her! It was my first prenatal massage and definitely will be back at a later date. My only concern was that I caught a slight cramp in my neck later on in the evening. It’s still bothering me a little but I’m sure it will be fine by tomorrow. I suspect the alignment adjusted something and my neck didn’t take too well to it. Overall I would recommend you all to anyone!
Great massage Loved the set up, very comfortable for pregnant women!
Excellent Review of Amy Hayes I went to Amy during my last trimester suffering from back pains. She really helped me with therapeutic massage and things improved. I highly recommend her and I am planning to go back again before I give birth.
Genna P
Excellent! PMC was relaxing upon arrival and throughout! Alice was amazing, and I wish I would've gone sooner!
Jeni M
Loved it! I saw Alice after a l9ng day of being on my feet all day at 35 weeks... left feeling 100x better! Have tried several different massage places during my pregnancy and PMC was one of the top on the list. The support/pillow system on the massage table was amazing, wish I could get a set up like that at home, I might actually get some sleep :-) Alice was awesome, had a very kind and calming energy and her combination of pressures used was perfect. Look forward to coming back here.
Christy F
Magical This place is magical. I was so relaxed from the pregnancy pillows. The massage was just what I needed to ease first trimester aches. I will recommend to all my expectant friends!
Hannah B
Worth your while I had an hour massage with Amy, and it was the most comfortable I have been in months! She was attentive to my needs and gave the ideal pressured massage. So many prenatal massages are too gentle, but she wasn't afraid to apply some pressure where I needed it. I will be back.
Stephanie M
Just what I needed I highly recommend a massage here. Other prenatal massages were never the right pressure and I felt sore or worse after. This massage was perfect. Thank you!
Shontee K
Postpartum Massage Review of Amy Hayes I must say that if I could partake in this experience EVERYDAY, I would! The environment is so serene and relaxing...and my masseuse was the absolute best. She had a peaceful nature and a genuine concern of what areas were troubling my body. She was very knowledgeable about why I was feeling some discomfort in certain areas. I arrived stressed, and extremely stiff and tense. When I left, I felt as if I was floating on clouds. The following day during my stretching, I noticed that my range has increased as well. No hip pain. No more back and shoulder pain! Surprisingly, I didn’t even feel the normal aches that you typically feel post massage.
Jessica W
Fantastic! Had a great experience!
Great way to prepare...and relax Kathy was wonderful. In addition to an excellent massage, she offered insights into certain aches and pains that could help me work through them on my own. I'm definitely going back.
Livvie B
Tara is amazing I cannot thank Tara enough for the wonderful massage. After the massage I felt totally relaxed and happy. I wish I had come sooner in my pregnancy! Can’t wait for a postpartum visit.
David W
Very Effective Treatment Amy was incredibly helpful in addressing several areas around my neck and lower back that had become very tight and painful. I felt relief immediately and even more the following day.
Lane G
Kathy Chamberlain DIrksen is the BEST I go to her at them Pregnancy Center, and I am not pregnant. Although she is an acknowledged expert in pregnancy and conception, she is also a skilled body worker and has helped many athletes. Go and see her. You won’t regret it.
Great Experience Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) I am 38 weeks 3 days and received a much needed 60 minute massage from Kathy. She did a wonderful job! I slept well that night once I got home, definitely had less sleep disturbances as they are highly common this stage in pregnancy! I would definitely go back post-partum or while pregnant again!
Chatty...Distracting Review of Utamu Onaje Itamu is very sweet and a provided a lovely massage. But she talked the entire time (about her family, about her work as a doula, etc.) and asked too many personal questions, which was very distracting.
Catherine S
Best massage! Amy gave an absolutely incredible massage. I’m 36 weeks and have had prenatal massages in the past but this was by far the absolute best. It definitely seemed like she knew exactly how to relieve lower back pain and was able to be therapeutic without being painful. I feel great and will definitely be back.
Kate H
Amazing Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) The massage was all that I hoped for and more. Hoping to knock out my pregnancy headaches. Certainly has helped so far! Thanks :)
Lauren C
Amazing! One of the best massages I've ever had--and my first pregnancy massage. Amy concentrated on the "problem" areas and I left feeling amazing. She was very professional and did a superb job. I can't wait to return for postpartum massage and will definitely recommend to others.
Deborah L
Amy Everything was great! Would 100% love to come again!
Claire G
Awesome massage! Lindsey did a great job relaxing all parts of my 38-week pregnant body. It was a brief respite in the world of discomfort-land and I very much appreciate it! I'll be back soon to enjoy another helping.
Shaniya Z
Definitely a must do! My massage was definitely what I needed. Mrs. Kathy was very gentle and knew exactly what points to hit. She actually relaxed me so much my headache went away. I will recommend expecting mothers to to get a massage on a regular's good for mommy and baby. I Will be back for sure. Thanks to my husband for this wonderful surprise.
Andi B
Awesome Massage - Well Worthy Amy was my massage therapist last week and she was fantastic. She took the time to really understand what I was looking for. I was 25 weeks pregnant and she listened carefully about the spots I needed to be treated and really helped me to feel better at the end of the session. That night I was able to sleep way better that many nights before. Looking forward to go back and see her again!
Nina Y
Excellent Massage I scheduled a massage for my induction day and couldn't be happier with the service and treatment. I've had so-called prenatal massages at day spas or places that don't specialize in pregnancy and it makes a big difference. The touch was just right and concentrated on those areas I needed to loosen up for labor. It was great to have appropriate bolsters and pillows rather than just 1 sort of under my belly. I highly recommend Pregnancy Massage Center in Roswell.
Lisa D
Excellent massage! Kathy did a wonderful job and was able to relieve the headache I had been carrying around for weeks!
Megan D
Finally slept! At 35 weeks, let's just say I haven't been sleeping too well. I have tried so many different things, but it wasn't until getting an amazing massage that I was able to come home and sleep! I would highly recommend this place! They know what they are doing and they do it all incredibly well.
Elisa M
first time and loved it! My back and feet were hurting a lot and after some research learned about prenatal massages to help with that. I found this center and was very excited as this was my first time trying this. Alice was amazing and she exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait to go back and find some time to relax and help calm some common prenatal aches. Thank you Alice!
Carleton R
Game Changer I was gifted a prenatal massage by my best friends and cannot emphasize enough how big of a help this was for me. Amy was very attentive, listening to my questions and places where I was having pain and immediately addressed those issues. I am in my second trimester and and was experiencing a lot of back pain which caused me trouble sleeping and after seeing Amy I was able to sleep better than I had in months. Thank you Amy!
Good Massage I enjoyed my massage however I didn't feel what I wanted to feel during the massage. My therapist talked a lot and I wanted more deep tissue for my sciatica
Terrica M
Great experience! I really enjoyed the patience and dedication to client comfort that Amy showed. I've had plenty of massages but it's the client connection that counts. I will be returning very soon! Thanks PMC!
Lavana F
Great first time experience! My experience at PMC was wonderful! My therapist was extremely knowledgeable and offered tips to reduce pregnancy pains I was experiencing. I look forward to returning before my due date.
Mary E
Great massage! I had my first pre-natal massage a week ago and it was great. I am 22 weeks along and I had a really bad tension headache for several days. My headache was gone almost instantly and I love their method of massage! I am going back next week to keep my back happy during the next 18 weeks :-)
Caitlin G
Just What I Needed Oh this is just what I needed! I am 32 weeks pregnant and my body was aching. The pillows were incredible and I could have fallen right asleep without the massage. However, I would do the massage 10 times over. She knew exactly where to focus and my body felt incredible after leaving. Thank you!
Olga B
Kathy is wonderful I had my first pregnancy massage and I'm so happy I got it! My achy body was calling for it. Highly recommend!
Knowledgeable and Attentive My massage with Amy was truly excellent! She understood where the pain was that I was referencing when I came in and had a plan of how to address it. I found her knowledge and experience comforting. She has powerful hands that I am hopeful will work wonders!
Stefanie T
Loved it! This is a small shop -- I only saw two rooms -- so service is peaceful and catered to you as the customer. Being 6.5 months pregnant, I really enjoyed the extra cushions and padding and the heated table. And of course, the massage itself was great and relaxing. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Lindsay L
Much needed Felt welcome and comfortable from beginning to end. This is exactly what I needed to start my third trimester. I'm hopeful to make it back before my twins make their arrival!
My feet have never been happier Review of Amy Hayes Amy is a delight and gives a wonderful pregnancy massage, and the icing on the cake is her skilled foot massage techniques at the end, I honestly don't know the last time my feet felt so good! Thank you!
Bridget M
Overall Amazing Experience! Now that I've approached my 35th week of pregnancy, the common aches and pains have progressively gotten worse. Not only that I have trouble relaxing and sleeping. HOWEVER - Lindsey was amazing on Sunday and I literally went home and went straight to sleep at 7 PM and slept through the night. I highly recommend doing this and I could kick myself for not doing it sooner. Will definitely be making more appointments between now and when my little guy comes!
Breanna R
Prenatal Message Review of Lindsey Glover Omg!!! It was amazing!! Felt so relaxed leaving!!
Emily R
Relaxing and helpful This pregnancy massage was just what I needed - I had just started experiencing very localized back pain and I could feel my muscles finally relaxing after only a few minutes. I also received some helpful tips on sleep positioning so I could try improving things on my own at home. I will definitely be back!
Nada G
Relaxing massage I was gifted a 60-minute massage and it was amazing! I went in at 37 weeks. Amy was my therapist and she was excellent. The whole experience was extremely relaxing.
Aisha S
Renee was great! My massage experience was great. I was a little nervous at first because I was 39 weeks plus 2 days...but it was well needed. The atmosphere was relaxing, quite, warm, cozy and they were very accommodating. I will definitely be back after delivery. In addition I didn't feel rushed as if I was only another appointment. Very personable and genuine. Thanks:)All the pillows were helpful as well.
Kait T
Such a wonderful experience! Thanks so much to Alice for an amazing massage! Definitely coming back
Antonieta S
Totally awesome! This experience was wonderful for me. Kathy has blessed hands and an beautiful energy.
Laura C
Totally blissful A colleague recommended the Pregnancy Massage Center and I’m so, so glad I did it. It was reassuring to get a massage from someone with rigorous training on the unique needs of a pregnant body and the techniques and level of pressure were spot on! I will definitely be returning throughout my pregnancy!
Michele H
Wonderful!! Such an amazing treat! I've had a lot of aches and pains and this relieved so much of that! My therapist was wonderful, very kind, helpful and had great calming energy. My only regret is not doing the 90 minuet massage :) And the online booking is super easy too! I'll definitely return!!
You MUST go!!!! While in Atlanta for work, I had a free night and decided on a whim to get a pregnancy massage. BEST DECISION EVER. Renee was absolutely amazing!!! I was just about to reach my third trimester and was having problems with my lower back, and Renee worked some serious magic! And she was just a delightful human being and gave me great sleeping tips. You MUST go!!!!
Marcie S
Amazing Postpartum Massage I had an incredible postpartum massage with Kathy. She was professional, knowledgeable and knew just what I needed to feel better. I had back pain from nursing and I left feeling ten times better. The entire experience catered perfectly to expecting and new mothers. I intend to go back for another postpartum massage soon. It was a great experience and helped my body tremendously!
Amber D
Amazing massage This was one of the Best massages I have ever had! Kathy was wonderful. She knew exactly what my postpartum body needed. Cannot wait to go back!
Lindsay M
Amazing massage Had a wonderful first prenatal massage with Renee - She is a miracle worker. Excited to go back for my second visit next week!
Iris K
Best Birthday Massage! Excellent service! Looking forward to my next visit!
Dina I.
AMAZING! Alice was a GEM! I had minor sciatic pain and she spent time treating the area - I had NO pain the next day and swear it's attributed to the massage! She also offered some other tips and tricks to help with relaxation. Great experience overall and can't wait to come back. I only wish I found you all sooner in the pregnancy! :)
Yael K
Amazing Review of Tara Thompson Tara exactly focuses on my back pain that was really hurt and now I feel so relief;) So professional so amazing!!!
Shanequa D
Awesome massage My husband brought me here for a surprise birthday massage and it was amazing. Kathy was extremely knowledgeable and even taught me a few tricks for relaxation.My massage felt wonderful and I was extremely comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommended this location to anyone.
Caroline S
Excellent massage! My massage was awesome, and I love how knowledgeable Kathy was on my particular needs around things some charlie horses that I've been experiencing and the like. I can't wait to go back!
Kylie T
Best massage I have had (prenatal or otherwise) I was worried that a pregnancy massage wouldn't be deep enough but my massage was perfect and exceeded my expectations. I am a PT and can tell you that my therapist had great palpation skills and knew what she was doing. Helped tremendously with my pelvic pain. Looking forward to going back and trying one post-natally as well.
Mamie H
EXCELLENT! Amy was my massage therapist, and the whole experience was amazing! I love the way the table was set up with the bolsters- I could have slept there! She asked what kind of pressure I wanted before she started which I was thankful for, and then she checked how it was after she started. I think I had a massage hangover the whole day! Thank you! Highly recommend!
Abby H
Excellent Massage and Service I was given the 90 minute massage as a gift and it was amazing. Kathy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and I couldn't believe the time went by so fast! I felt relaxed the rest of the day. The massage loosened the stiffness in my back and I was able to sleep more comfortably. I had the massage at 32 weeks pregnant.
Erin R
Fantastic I had an wonderful experience with Amy and getting the massage was just what my aching back needed! Would recommend whole-heartedly!
Ebony F
Great! My therapist was awesome and informative. She did a great job, ill be back!
Katharine K
Great massage I recently had a prenatal massage with Tara. She was awesome! It was very relaxing and my aching back felt much better afterwards. Would highly recommend!
Ellen C
Highly recommend! Just had my first massage with Alice - it was wonderful! She was very in tune with any specific requests that I had and made me feel very comfortable. I will most certainly be back in the next few months!
Jocelyn W
Just what I needed at 40 weeks! I had a dreamy prenatal massage with Lindsey one day before my due date. My feet and ankles were really swollen and she worked some magic. Even two days later I can still see my ankle bones! The massage also helped the rest of me - neck, back, arms and legs - feel so much more relaxed at this pretty uncomfortable stage. My only regret is not going sooner. I'll certainly be back (hopefully) for a postnatal massage soon.
Hilary B
Kathy is amazing!!! Had a massage with Kathy the other day & it was just exquisite!!! The set up was so comfortable, plenty of support with pillows & bolsters. It made allllll the difference. Plus Kathy's wonderful massage, her pressure was perfect especially the areas that were sensitive for me. Surprised I wasn't snoring?!?! Lol!
Elyse E
Lovely and Relaxing! I am about halfway through my first pregnancy and I came in just for a little relaxation. Amy did a great job doing just that and not only that, she gave me some really useful advice on how to keep my muscles in my lower back from aching and getting strained. I will definitely be coming back! Thank you!
Amanda S
Magical! As someone that has had a lot of massages, this one was easily one of the best. Kathy really listened and focused on some problem areas. Kathy was very easy to talk to, warm, caring, and professional. So glad I found this place and I will definitely be back!
Kristin B
Magic Hands Alice was really great. It was really great experience!!
Kara K
So relaxing Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) Kathy did a fantastic job with my prenatal massage. She was very accommodating and attentive. She is highly recommended by me. I will be returning very soon.
Sidney C
So relaxing Review of Amy Hayes Thoroughly enjoyed my 60 minute massage here on Saturday afternoon. It put me into a state of relaxation for the whole evening. Great use of positioning and cushioning to make me super comfortable at 38 weeks pregnant. Enough to put me to sleep. Would recommend for someone late in pregnancy for sure! Very accommodating and professional!
Emily R
So relaxing! I had a wonderful experience! Highly recommend!
Audrey M
So relaxing! This was my first massage experience, and I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I definitely plan to schedule another massage for after my baby is born!
So relaxing!! Review of Lindsey Glover Amazing massage! The ambiance was so relaxing and the set up was extremely comfortable. I was very happy with my massage and will be going back!
Heidi K
very relaxing! I enjoyed my prenatal massage very much! Kathy did a great job and I hope to return post partum!
Very relaxing! Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) Kathy was wonderful! The massage was very relaxing, and it was a nice environment. This was my first prenatal massage, and Kathy did a great job of explaining how it worked, putting me at ease. One of the best massages I've ever had. Highly recommended!
Jenny Y
Wonderful This was the best prenatal massage I had throughout my pregnancy, and I had probably 3 or 4.
Shelly B
Wonderful! The atmosphere was so relaxing, the masseuse was very professional and kind. Plus, my massage was a wonderful treat when my body going through so many changes!
Claire T
Wonderful massage! I just got my first massage here and it was wonderful! Lindsey was great and I haven't felt that relaxed in months!
Wonderful prenatal massage. I've had a lot of massages (prenatal and other) in my life and this ranks as one of the best. In just an hour my back pain was relieved and still is days later. Not to mention it was so relaxing. Loved it!
Kelly B
Wonderful&Relaxing experience My session was great! I'm just into my second trimester and was experiencing some back aches, trouble sleeping comfortably, along with a bit of stress. Renee was friendly, very informative, and attentive to needs. She helped me to relax and even gave me some tips on how to position myself for better sleep (it worked)! I will surely continue to visit throughout my pregnancy!
Katie T
Wonderful relaxing massage! Review of Lindsey Glover Thank you Lindsey! A great way to relax and de-stress during pregnancy. I've already booked my next massage. I am so glad I found the Pregnancy Massage Center -- love the pillow set up and the ambiance.
Abigail C
AMAZING I would highly recommend getting a massage here to any pregnant woman. It is so relaxing and helps to relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. I plan to go many, many more times before the baby comes. I also think it's neat you can get a recovery massage after the baby is born. Do yourself a favor - book a massage right now! You will not regret it!!!
Amazing! I loved every second of this much needed massage. Will definitely come back before my due date.
Christine B
I will return! What a lovely experience. I was prepped on what to expect, so there were no surprises. Everything was within my comfort level, and I especially appreciated the opportunity to discuss problem areas. My massage was personalized just to my needs. I like the idea of having this be part of my ongoing health regime.
Angela C
Amazing experience My massage with Amy was so amazing. She was very in tuned with my wants and needs and made sure she addressed my problem areas. I would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of a massage, especially in pregnancy to come to the Pregnancy Massage Center.
Cameron B
Awesome This prenatal massage with Kathy, two weeks from my due date, was awesome. She was amazing and I left totally relaxed!
Kate K
Just what I needed Review of Reneé Kimes Renee is amazing! I got a massage in my last few weeks of pregnancy and wish I hadn't waited so long. I immediately felt better and slept better. I can't wait to make my next appointment. I plan to buy gift certificates for friends' baby showers too!
Cassandra B
1st time massage - 37 weeks I had an excellent experience with Amy at the Pregnancy Massage Center Atlanta. It was both relaxing and therapeutic - as soon as I got off the table, the lower back pain I'd been battling had vanished. My hands were less swollen and tingly than they had been in weeks. I will definitely come back if I have some free time in the next few weeks!
Ali D
Holy life saver At 30 weeks pregnant and after moving into a new house, my husband surprised me with an appointment at Pregnancy Massage Center and I'm so grateful he did! The set up on the massage table is so comfy and dreamy, supportive in every place a preggo could need. The staff was so sweet and worked out all of my kinks just as I was hoping for, I swear I left taller than when I walked in. Will definitely be back before my due date :)
Fabulous Massage! Alice is amazing. I floated out of the office after her massage. Exactly what I needed.
Adrienne W
Best massage ever! Tara is an excellent massage therapist. It was the best massage Ive ever had.
So awesome! While I was getting my massage I was thinking about how soon I could come back; it was that good!
Laura B
Very Relaxing massage Tara did a wonderful job! I was very satisfied with my pregnancy massage and enjoyed it from beginning to end. She applied the just right amount of pressure and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I would recommend a massage at the Pregnancy Massage Center!
Amanda G
Great massage!! Got a massage at 41 weeks and it was so relaxing and I went into labor the next day!!
Kiran M
Wonderful and Worthwhile I had a wonderful massage from Kathy! I am 36 weeks and my 1-hour session with her left me feeling great all day- I had noticeable improvement in hip and back pain and slept better over night. I plan to see her again before D-day! Highly recommend!
Noel C
5 Stars All the Way Lovely all around. The best massage experience I've ever had. Knowledgable, well educated, and very gifted masseuse. A must have for every pregnancy!
Marie D
Best massage ever! I can't wait to go back!!!! It was seriously the best massage ever
Courtney K
Great Massage Lindsey has got a great sense of flow, the art of touch, and worked mindfully and methodically. As a NMT myself, I really appreciate all of those qualities and highly recommend her professionally. Super sweet lady too, thank you for taking care of me and my (not pregnant but injured) back.
Amazing experience Review of Lindsey Glover Massage was amazing and I almost fell asleep during it. The beds are set perfectly to accommodate the pregnant belly. Wish I could borrow the bed for the remainder of my pregnancy!
Dawn T
Incredible! I can honestly say I've never had as good a massage as the massage I had with Tara this past weekend. Being 100 months pregnant (or 8.5) everything pretty much feels out of whack. Tara's expertise and gentle hands helped areas I didn't think could be helped. There is truly a difference between having a "normal" massage and having a prenatal massage by a certified specialist. SO glad for the referral and can hardly wait for the next time. Will be scheduling again as I begin my 4 week countdown to baby.
Mimi L
Best massage ever! I had my first prenatal massage with Pregnancy Massage Center at 39 weeks 4 days and it was amazing! It makes me wish I could rewind the clock and book more of these throughout my pregnancy. I'm looking forward to postpartum massages soon.
Brooke M
Absolute bliss Review of Lindsey Glover I had a prenatal massage at a spa around 25 weeks and really did not enjoy it so I was hesitant to try another massage at 38 weeks but feeling so uncomfortable, I was ready to try anything. Let me just say, those 60 minutes with Lindsey were truly amazing; I was very comfortable in the side lying position with the added props and my body felt incredible the entire day. I was so relaxed and I did not feel as much pressure and I had been feeling prior to the massage. I definitely should have checked Pregnancy Massage Center sooner.
Kristi D
Amazing massage! Had the most amazing massage of my life here. I have never had a pregnancy massage before but I was totally relaxed and felt so good after. The therapist was so professional and made me feel so at ease. I really can't wait to come back.
Whitney K
Awesome! I had a lovely massage last week with Alice. I've had many non-pregnancy massages in the past and this definitely topped those. I will be returning.
Dee R
Great Massage I wish I had found this place 30 weeks ago. This place put my prenatal massage at Reynolds Plantation to shame and for about $50-60 less. I don't quite fall asleep, but I do drift off into la la land. Tara is excellent and does a great job helping with my hip pain. And the pillow placement and bed are perfect. I wish we could set them up at the house for the last four weeks of the pregnancy.
Brittany I
So Good! I'm only 7 weeks, but experiencing horrible back pain and no other places would see me. My husband found the PMC online and made me an appointment. First, the time we were able to schedule was amazing and worked perfectly with my work schedule. Once I got there the light paperwork process was so easy and I felt so relaxed even before getting on the table. My massage was so great and I have to admit I feel asleep at least twice. Everything from my face to my legs felt so relaxed afterwards, it was truly a pleasure. I will most DEFINITELY be returning throughout my pregnancy, thank you so much PMC for existing!!!
Cindy P
Awesome massage! Lindsey was fantastic. She used just the right amount of pressure and made me totally relax. I felt great afterwards and will certainly be back!
Lindsey W
The most perfect massage! I normally go to another masseuse closer to home, but she was booked and then out of the country. My chiropractor avidly suggested to go to Pregnancy Massage Center in the meantime, since my current masseuse actually came from there- and that I would not be disappointed. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and getting to that VERY uncomfortable stage, having SPD, round ligament pain, varicose name it...2nd baby, so all the "fun" symptoms I didn't have the first time around decided to bombard me this time. I consulted with Kathy for about 10-15 minutes, she was the nicest and most attentive person!! She assured me we had our work cut out for us, but that we would get me to feeling better. I can't even describe how PERFECT the massage and the work was. Perfect pressure- spots I never knew I needed work on- it was all just so perfect. I could tell my pregnant body NEEDED exactly that input. And better- Kathy knew it too, and outdid herself in that 90 minutes. I'm a day later from the massage, and feel amazing and much looser and definitely not as rickety and sore. I would very HIGHLY recommend Kathy and this place (especially if the others are as astute and talented as she is!) to any pregnant mother out there. I will certainly return at some point!! THANK YOU PMC!!
Chris M
so comfy I felt so comfortable from beginning to end. I was taken care of.
Lucy S
Prenatal 90 min massage It was great, and just what I needed
Doug S
Wonderful massage! I am not pregnant, but my wife is so we both went to the Pregnancy Massage Center. It was a great experience. The therapist listened to my needs and took care of all of my complaints. I highly recommend!
Theresa B
Really helped in last weeks of pregnancy! Renee really knows what she's doing. I got a massage in the last few weeks when my back and sciatic pain was getting worse. The massage really alleviated my pain for longer than I expected. Renee was so knowledgeable about pregnancy massage and related ailments, and shared a lot of advice. Thank you!
Best prenatal massage I have had several prenatal massages, but this massage was by far the best! Great atmosphere, comfortable positioning, and great masseuse.
Great Experience I booked a prenatal massage for myself and a therapeutic massage for my mother. Lindsey took great care of the both of us. Particularly for me, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely me back.
melissa m
Just what I needed Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) Was hesitant that prenatal massage could ever measure up to a "real" massage. But now I'm a believer. This was a great experience, really hitting on all the trigger points that become even more sensitive in pregnancy. Already booked my next appointment.
Briana C
Prenatal Massage My massage was excellent. I feel so much better and will definitely be back soon! Thank you Tara. :)
Candis Lazarre
Prenatal Massage Lindsey was great. This was my first prenatal massage. She was very gentle, asked questions, made sure I was comfortable. I'd highly recommend. I'll definitely go again.
Prenatal massage I enjoyed the whole experience. I found the environment and the staff extremely warm and welcoming. I was so grateful for a wonderful prenatal massage. At 36 weeks, I had plenty of aches and pains. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated by the experience and look forward to my next massage. I highly recommend this facility.
Leslie G
Prenatal Massage with Lindsey Amazing experience. I will definitely be back!!
Tiffany N
The best! Entering my 2nd trimester, I started getting painful backaches that included my left thigh to go numb. Lindsey took her time to listen to the issues that I had and did her magic, I am so grateful to her.
Dawn N
Wonderful experience! So helpful! I was really starting to have aches and pains, and my massage at PMC really helped alleviate my problem areas. Thank you!
Al Parker
review of massage Lindsey was amazing. One of the best massages I have ever had.
Carrie C
Wonderful! My experience at the center and massage with Amy was wonderful - just what I needed to relax and work out some discomfort at this stage in my pregnancy. I'll definitely return as much as I'm able.
Courtney L
amazing! Lindsey was so kind, made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Will definitely be back!
Faith B
Amazing experience! I received this prenatal massage as a third trimester gift from my husband, and I'm so grateful! The ladies there were super friendly and accommodating. They were knowledgabe regarding comfortable positions for my 34-week bump and the massage felt amazing! One of the best experiences during my pregnant! I recommend it to anyone. :)
Greer C
Pillow Heaven A little over 4 months pregnant and so happy to have found this professional, welcoming, wonderful massage heaven!
Keturah H
Awesome 90 minute massage I went to the pregnancy massage center as a birthday treat to myself and it was FANTASTIC. I don't have a lot of pains so far in my pregnancy but it felt like my body needed it. Thanks! I'll definitely come back again.
Great massage Really helped with the typical pregnancy aches and pains. Not as relaxing as many pre-pregnancy massages I've had, but helped to alleviate some of the pressure on my poor joints, which was the whole point!
Rica R
Heaven Sent Kathy was wonderful from the set up to the service.This was my first one and i will say i doubt anyone can top it
Peggy B
much better! Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) I appreciate Kathy's careful massage and I feel much more balanced now.
Neha M
A great relaxing experience! I have been to the center a few times now, during and post pregnancy and got my massages from two different ladies, the experience each time was great. I highly recommend this place.
Edith D
Just what I needed But didn't know it. I feel less stiff when I'm pregnant then when I'm not pregnant (relaxin) so I wasn't sure how a pregnancy massage was going to do me much good. Boy was I hips have been so sore my entire pregnancy I almost forgot and thought that constant pain was normal. But Tara got into my hips really good and wow, they feel amazing again. Great experience. thank you!
Sarah P
Massage services Amazing!! My hip was killing me when I walked in. I was a new person when I walked out. It's so comforting having someone work on you who is so knowledgeable about pregnancy etc.
Excellent care Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) After a recent miscarriage, I wanted to find a massage therapist that would be sensitive to the physical and emotional impact I was experiencing. Kathy was professional, kind, informative, and most importantly an excellent massage therapist.
Maria C
5 star treatment I had the 60 minute prenatal massage with Lindsey this week (38) and am kicking myself for not coming earlier. She is spectacular - truly gifted at making you feel relaxed and her massage is the best I've ever had. Can't wait to go back.
Nicole T
AMAZING Haven't felt this good in months.
Quinn T
Amazing Massage I felt so loved and cared for here. Not only was the massage amazing, Kathy took care of all my needs and was gentle and kind.
Erica S
Amazing massage!! Loved it and felt significantly better after!
Courtney O
Birthday Massage The massage was great, I left there feeling very relaxed. The only thing is I specifically said I don't have any lower back pain. It didn't bother me at the time of the massage that most of the pressure was on my lower back, but the next day and a couple of days following I paid for it. My lower back was in so much pain, it felt like it was bruised. During the massage it felt good, like all the kinks were getting knocked out, but I would gladly bypass that part if I would've known the pain I had to endure after. Overall, still a great massage, but not worth the pain afterwards.
Anna Mary S
Excellent Massage I received an amazing massage by an experienced professional, Cathy, from the Pregnancy Massage Center. I was anxious to get a massage, but knew that this was the place to put my mind at ease. She had all kinds of pillows and supports for various stages of pregnancy. I look forward to returning all throughout and post pregnancy. Thank you!
5 stars Review of Reneé Kimes I had a 60 minute massage from Renee this past week, and I can honestly say it was one of the best I've ever had. I felt great afterwards and still do. She reviewed my history beforehand and we spoke about what I was hoping to get out of a massage. It was a very positive experience and I'll definitely be coming back. Thanks Renee!
Feeling Good now I had pretty bad headaches before I went in due to my pregnancy and I believe exposure to some odors that bothered me. The massage made me feel tremendously better and Renee taught me massages and exercises I can do at home to relieve the pain in the future. Thank you.
Lateria C
Great Experience I really enjoyed my massage by Renee. I was very comfortable throughout the entire process, the massage table was warm & pillows gave me extra support. I wish it lasted longer! The most relaxed I'd been in months.
Erica S
great experience I had a wonderful prenatal massage! I have been having severe lower back spasms during my pregnancy, and my massage helped immensely. I will be back throughout my pregnancy. Thanks!!
Great Massage Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) Can't say I'm an expert in pregnancy massage, but this was perfect!! It was very reassuring & comforting to have a massage in a setting where pregnancy was a familiar "condition". Kathy was able to target my problem areas & give me relief!
Heathernicole C
Great Massage Tara listens to what you want and gives you a massage tailored to your needs. Also, she knows how to give a massage to someone who is pregnant. I've visited another place that claimed to have pregnancy massages, but had massage therapists who had never massaged a pregnant person and didn't know how to position me correctly. You don't have to worry about that at TPMC. Just go in, relax, and enjoy!
Ashley G
Great massage I have been very tired and sore during my first trimester. Tara was just what I needed! Not only was the massage fantastic but I felt that she truly cared about my well being.
Great massage Review of Tara Thompson Tara has a very calming nature and did a great job!
Julianna C
Great pre-natal massage! Yesterday, I had a massage with Amy from the Pregnancy Massage Center. It was super relaxing and definitely what I needed for my feet and legs, which have begun swelling. I would highly recommend the Pregnancy Massage Center for a pre-natal massage to anyone. I have booked my next appointment and can't wait!
Tessa M
Kathy I have always had Chronic neck pain and on top of that am in my second trimester. I sought out The Pregnancy Massage Center and got an appointment with Kathy. She was very thorough and made sure to address my particular pain points. It was clear she was very experienced. I will definitely be back throughout pregnancy and am a big fan.
Kesha W
Loved it! My therapist was awesome. She took good care of the focus areas I requested. Would refer them to anyone expecting and in need of a massage.
Stephanie K
Loved my massage! Tara did my prenatal massage during my 39th week of pregnancy, and it was wonderful! So relaxing, and she was so kind and professional. Highly recommended!
Mary Catherine J
Prenatal Massage Tara did the most amazing massage! I felt like I did in my first trimester when I left which was amazing!! Thank you!
Laura H
Prenatal Massage With Kathy Loved my massage .. great experience with Kathy. Thank you!
Amelia L
Wonderful Renee was outstanding and I felt better than I had in weeks post-massage. Cannot recommend this enough.
Amy S
Wonderfully helpful I felt so much lighter and more comfortable in my body - especially in my hips - after an hour with Tara. Definitely recommend!
Cyndi L
Wonderful relaxing massage! I had my first prenatal massage with Tara at 29 weeks, and it seems I was missing out all those other 29 weeks up until then! It was very relaxing and calming, just what I needed and Tara was great, very friendly and calming presence herself. Looking forward to my next massage!
Bethany F
Fantastic! Review of Tara Thompson Tara really listened to my chief complaints about shoulder and neck tension and pain and focused her energy on correcting these areas. A lot of massages can feel like you get the same treatment no matter what your areas of concern. Tara listened! Thank you :)
Tara C
Massage Review The Massage was wonderful... everybody was helpful and so nice. I would definitely recommend you to everyone.
Mary E
Great experience! Tara was able to get me in last minute. I walked in with horrible back pain and she treated it so well. I am extremely satisfied.
Sharon F
Great experience! I had a 90 minute prenatal massage with Amy. It was a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone! Also, I would splurge for the 90 minute instead of 60, definitely worth it :)
Claudia H
AMAZING Per heaven. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back!
Yvone D
Best massage EVER These ladies have magic hands! I have never felt more relaxed! You have GOT to try them!
Tara the Magical masseuse I received an amazing massage from Tara for the day I was going to be induced. She gave me an incredible relaxing but deep tissue massage which was just what I needed. I will definitely be back for more!
Amy J
Amazing! This was by the far the best massage I've ever received, and I've had numerous! Kathy was fantastic and I can't wait to go back!
amazing! I'd had a great pregnancy so far, no pain or discomfort, and then the third trimester hit! Kathy was amazing, and I felt "normal" again when I walked out of my first massage! Can't wait to go back!
AMAZING! Review of Lindsey Glover My massage with Lindsey was just what I needed at 39 weeks. I left feeling relaxed and pampered. Absolutely wonderful experience. Thank you!
Teddi B
Amazing Melina has magic hands! She is professional and knowledgeable. She not only gave a massage that made me feel like a new person, she took the time to teach a stretch which I can do at home to continue working on my trouble areas. There was only one bad moment during the appointment: when she told me she is moving away!
Kathryn A
A+ experience My previous visit was my first prenatal massage experience, and Kathy did an excellent job! I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time, and I can't wait to schedule my next visit.
Jessica S
Amazing One of the best massages I have ever had. Kathy did an outstanding job. I felt like a different person walking out.
Aaaaahhhhhh I was gifted an hour long massage here and it was the best and quickest hour of my pregnant life! Lindsey did an amazing job at making sure I was comfortable and enjoyed every bit of this massage. I left feeling incredibly relaxed. If you have any loved ones who are pregnant, you'll be their favorite person on the planet if you get the a gift certificate here :)
Amazing help during pregnancy and after Melina made a difficult pregnancy a little easier. Aside from my pregnancy, I have a severe neck injury that only responds to neuromuscular massage. She helped me tremendously and I continue to see her after the birth of my baby boy. I'm so thrilled that I found the pregnancy massage center!!
Sarah Chancey
Amazing I had a pre-pregnancy massage this past Sunday and it was amazing! I had never received a professional massage before, so I was a bit unsure of what to expect. I was made completely comfortable and almost fell asleep during the massage because I was so incredibly relaxed. This was the most incredible gift from a dear friend during my last month. And, I can't wait to give the same gift to some of my pregnant friends. It was such a blessing!
Amazing! Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) Highly recommend Kathy for a pregnancy massage. A wonderful experience!
Danielle D
Amazing Experience Kathy was a great massage therapist and ensured that my first experience at the Pregnancy Massage Center was amazing. She truly listened to the areas that I wanted extra attention given to and applied perfect pressure without any direction from me. I would highly recommend Kathy and the Pregnancy Massage Center for expectant moms. Look no further!
Sarah H
Amazing massage! My Masseuse, Renee, was extremely attentive as to what areas I needed worked on the most and did a fantastic job of listening to me and my body. Never thought I would feel this good while 8 months pregnant!! Before my massage I could not stand comfortably for more than 5 minutes, now the next day I spent over an hour in the grocery store and felt fantastic! I will definitely be returning for another massage post partum.
Amazing massage! I am 34 weeks pregnant and received a 3 package of massages as a gift. I just had my first one this week and it was incredible! Highly recommend the Pregnancy Massage Center!
Miranda K
Amy - deep tissue Thank you for a great massage!
Amy was great! She really helped me. I'm definitely going back! Thanks
Melissa M
Amy was great! Thanks to Amy for making my first pregnancy massage a comfortable and relaxing experience! I will be back!
Jameria W
Awesome Review of Kathy Dirksen (formerly Chamberlain) This was my first prenatal massage done by MS. Kathy and it was great have to make my next appointment very soon.
Jessica C
Best Massage This was the best massage I have ever received, pregnant or not pregnant. Lindsey did an amazing job working out some kinks and areas that were sensitive. I highly recommend Lindsey and The Pregnancy Massage Center for your next massage!
Molly B
Best massage ever I've had massages all of my adult life and can honestly say this one by Renee was the best. Nice to go somewhere that specializes in catering to pregnant women.
Ashley k
Best massage ever I had Lindsay as my therapist and she was amazing,it really was the best massage I have ever had, pregnant or not!
Kellie G
Best Massage Ever! This was my first visit to The Pregnancy Massage Center. After receiving 2 previous prenatal massages that were just ok at other locations, I was expecting a sub-par massage. Fortunately, I had the best massage I've ever had pregnant and before I was pregnant. Kathy did a phenomenal job, finding all of my problem areas. I felt an instant release and relaxation. I would highly recommend Kathy, and The Pregnancy Massage Center to anyone!
Kareen B
Blissful and relaxing The massage was exactly what I needed. Amy was absolutely wonderful! I will definitely see her again.
Kara H
can't wait to return! Pregnancy has created so many new aches and pains in my body, as my muscles work overtime to keep up with the expansion...It was such a treat to be in such capable hands and the expertise should through during my massage. It was both relaxing and therapeutic - can't wait to return!!
Kate H
Exactly what I needed I thoroughly enjoyed my massage at the Pregnancy Massage Center. The table setup was unique and perfectly tailored to the pregnant body, temperature and ambiance were great, and all of my trouble areas were addressed. I believe I slipped into a happy coma about half way through!
Kate S
Excellent investment in your well-being during pregnancy This was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. From start to finish, Amy was amazing! After the massage, I was free of aches and pains that had been plaguing me for weeks, and I had this amazing energy. I had thought of getting a massage as a luxury, but at this time in life, it was a smart investment in wellness. Highly recommended.
Meghann C
Excellent Service! Melina has magic hands. At 38 weeks it was such a relief to have a 90 minute session with her. I left feeling relaxed and ready for the next two weeks. I will definitely return for a postpartum massage. When my mom is in town visiting I will recommend a session for her as well!
Jeremy J
Fantastic not pregnancy massage. Review of Amy Hayes I had an amazing experience with Amy. I have purchased massages for my wife with all three children and she returned the favor. Perfect timing since I've gotten old and have been having some back and leg pain. While I felt a little sheepish heading to a pregnancy massage center (since I'm a man and all), Amy did a great job making me feel comfortable and helping me relax as she worked hard to relieve tension in areas I've been hurting in for a while. Feel much better today than yesterday and think my wife and I will have to make regular appointments now. Thanks again.
Leah B
First prenatal massage A friend of mine bought me a massage here and it was such a wonderful gift. I had heard a few story's about bad prenatal massages (a lot of places are afraid to do them) but not this place! They know what they are doing! Amy was very professional and made me feel so comfortable, even giving me several chances to use the restroom during my visit. (Tiny pregnant lady bladders) she was willing to give great advice and talked with me about how I was feeling. Overall it was such a relaxing and helpful experience. Thanks so much! I will definitely be recommending this place!
Amy W
First time, not disappointed! I am expecting my 5th child in October, and a sweet friend got me a gift certificate to visit the Pregnancy Massage Center. I have had babies in 3 different states, and GA will be the 4th. I have had a lot of prenatal massages, and I think that this was definitely one of the best. I love the fact that the masseuse wasn't afraid to use pressure! I'm not going to break, and my muscles needed it. They listened to requests, were attentive, and very competent. I will definitely be back. It is a 45 minute drive for me, but well worth it! Thanks!
Carol M
First time pregnancy Massage Review of Melina Dailey It was great, Melina worked on everything I was having issues with. Everything was very comfortable and relaxing.
M. Davis
Great Experience I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal massage. It was very relaxing and I walked out feeling relaxed and rested. I will definitely be returning. The therapist was very informative and provided great interaction and service. Thank you.
Caitlin P
Great Experience What a treat it was to have a massage at the Pregnancy Massage Center. I didn't realize how sore my muscles were until I went in. I left feeling 10lbs lighter and 100x more relaxed. Thank you!
Kamaria C
Great Experience Melina was great and because of my session with her, I was able to sleep so much better because the pain in my back is gone. I can't wait to schedule my next session. I highly recommend Melina to anyone treating themselves to a massage during their pregnancy.
Mariel B
Great Massage and LOVED the Pregnancy Massage and Prepared Labor Class I've been to the Pregnancy Massage Center twice - once for a massage (when I was about 36 weeks) and once for the couples class on "Pregnancy Massage and Labor Support" - and had a great experience both times. First, I'll say that I love their website - it's super easy to set up an appointment online, and they generally had plenty of availability (particularly if you're able to do an appointment during the day). They're also (perhaps not surprisingly) very accommodating to the fact that you're pregnant and may have plans that change (particularly if you go into labor), and that's clear in their cancellation policies listed online. The understanding/ accommodating aspect is definitely something that you notice throughout the experience - they always seem to have water on hand when you need it (since I got pregnant, I'm *always* thirsty), and they're completely understanding of the need for frequent restroom breaks (both times I felt comfortable taking a pause in the appointment for this purpose). And, of course, they have a special set-up on all of the tables to allow you to get a good massage while resting comfortably on your side. My first appointment (at about 36 weeks) was with Lindsey, and I was very happy with my massage. It was relaxing, and I felt confident in her knowledge and experience in terms of prenatal massage. My second visit (at about 38 weeks and with my husband there also) was with Tara for the "Pregnancy Massage and Labor Support" class. The class was great! She started by chatting with us about our birth plans (they tailor the class to what you need/ are most interested in, which is a great way to start). Tara is both a massage therapist at the pregnancy massage center and a doula, so she also had great insight into which things are most useful. Then, for the first hour or so of the appointment, I was on the massage table, and she taught my husband some basic types of massage (effleurage/stroking, kneading, and circular) and how to do them on the back, legs, and arms - pointing out specific areas that are particularly good for pregnant women. She'd explain and show him what to do, and then he could practice and ask questions (this also meant that the class included a one-hour massage for me - yay!). The last half hour of class we talked about comfort measures for during labor: the massage is good in general, and can be relaxing between contractions, but she said very few women will want massage during contractions. Instead, they taught us different positions to try while laboring and different counter-pressure techniques that my husband can do to help (these are held for the entire length of the contraction - almost like a 'contraction distraction,' Tara told us). As I already mentioned, I was really happy with the class - I felt like we learned a lot and the process itself was very enjoyable. My husband really liked the class, too - he said it made him feel much more prepared to be a good/ informed supporter during labor. And it was just a really nice thing to do as a couple as we prepare for our new arrival!
Elizabeth P
Great experience! This was one of the best massages I have ever had. I was so unbelievably relaxed afterwards! I will definitely be back. Thanks, Amy!
Great Massage I had an AWESOME prenatal massage -- it was so great that I intend to go back every 10 days-two weeks for more until I have my baby.
Great Massage! I was so pleased to get a quick appointment and to have someone caring for me and my newly pregnant body so well. I can't wait to go back!
Great Massage...comfortable at 36 weeks Review of Lindsey Glover This was my first massage since being pregnant and I didn't really understand how the setup would be and if I would be comfortable laying down for an hour. But it was very comfortable even at 36 weeks and the massage was perfect...relaxing and eased my tension. Everyone was very professional and kind and I will def be back!
Rachel G
Great massage when I really needed it Amy really spent the time listening to what I wanted and my body needed. At almost 36 weeks pregnant, I had been having aching SI joints and the muscles between my shoulder blades were tired, making me feel like I was permanently hunched over. After the massage, I felt refreshed and it made me totally forget that I was carrying an extra 30 lbs. I also really appreciated the extra time at the end of the session that Amy spent with me to show me how I can set up pillows for some more restful sleep at night.
Dori P
Great prenatal massage I had Renee - she really knows what she is doing. Great pressure and still very relaxing, just what I needed at 36 weeks pregnant. I had high blood pressure and swelling and the massage helped with those symptoms as well. Going back for more.
Shae D
Great Prenatal Massage! I had a great experience at the Pregnancy Massage Center. I loved my massage and felt as though it was very safe and healthy for the baby. My therapist also went out of her to show me better ways to adjust my body during sleep as well as stretches to do to help with my back pain. Loved it!
Kate E
Great prenatal massage! Melina was amazing! I felt so relaxed and cared for during/after the massage I would highly recommend that anyone who is pregnant "treat" themselves to seeing Melina. You will feel much better, less achy and very relaxed. Thanks Melina!
Emily K
Great prenatal massage! The massage was wonderful and exactly what any expecting monther needs :)
Lisa F
Helped ease back pain I am 6 months pregnant and experiencing a lot of lower back pain. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a one hour massage. The massage definitely helped ease some of the pain I am experiencing. I noticed when I got out of bed the next morning that it was not nearly as painful to walk those first few steps. I think if I could make these massages a regular part of my back pain treatment that it would do me a lot of good. Additionally, I told my therapist that I have had chronic tightness in my calves for as long as I can remember. She told me that my tight hamstrings were likely causing some of the tightness in my calves. My calves really did feel better the next day after a deep massage of my hamstrings.
Monica H
I feel amazing! Kathy is absolutely wonderful. I had my first pregnancyassage at 9 weeks because I had neck pain that was preventing me from sleeping. Kathy is very kind, knowledgeable, and healing. I felt complete relief and was able to sleep again. Much to my surprise, I feel ten thousand times better the day after the massage than I have in weeks - no complete exhaustion! I will definitely be returning.
Laura M
In hospital prenatal massage Wonderful, great supportive pillows, and very helpful release of bed rest tension! Thanks!
Elisa B
Thanks! I had a great relaxing general massage. But I don't feel that the "problem area" that I wrote on my intake sheet (which is my lower back) got a lot of attention... It still hurt after the massage, even as I walked to my car from the massage... I never had a prenatal massage before that day so I'm not sure if this is normal not to press on a particular area, or if it was a miss... I would love to come back, but would like to know that I can get more relief from the experience first...
Anna P
Just what I needed My prenatal massage was absolutely wonderful. Just what I needed to relax and ease my sore muscles! I had heard wonderful things about the pregnancy massage center, and am so glad I was able to experience it for myself!
Rachel C
Just What I Needed My massage was just right! I was a month into my third trimester and everything on my body ached. Aching back, fatigued legs, sore neck... you name it, I felt it. But, after my 90 minute massage, I promise I felt weightless! It was a wonderful experience - it being my first massage. They are skilled here and I would (and have) recommended this massage center to anyone with any aches or pains.
Vickie S
Just What I Needed The 3rd Trimester has been the hardest on me, and a massage is just what I needed to help relax. I was having more lower back pain than normal, and Amy was able to help alleviate most of the pain. I plan to return after delivering my son because I know how much I wished I would have treated myself to a massage after my first delivery. I would definitely recommend The Pregnancy Massage Center to other mommies-to-be.
Lauren D
Just what I needed! Being past my due date and facing pressure from the doctor to induce, I really needed to relax. A one hour massage certainly did the trick, but more importantly I felt so much support from Lindsey to trust my body and do what felt right for me and baby. Nothing could have helped me relax more. One day later I had progressed a bit, but most importantly had the confidence to ask my doctor if we could wait to induce and give baby a little more time to come when she was ready. If you're looking to relax in a safe and environment, you must come to the Pregnancy Massage Center!
Kate H
Lindsey- great! Thank you so much! Loved the massage- I fell asleep I was so relaxed :) Hopefully I can squeeze another in before this baby comes! X
Kathleen Ruth
Love The Pregnancy Massage Center This is an absolute must for pregnant women. They are extremely knowledgeable and my therapist Amy was incredible. I am in my ninth month and my massage was exactly what I needed to get to the end of this journey. I am looking forward to my postpartum massage.
Kelli S
massage with Kathy My massage with Kathy was great. I was nervous about getting a massage in my first trimester but kathy made me completely comfortable and relaxed. she was very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy-related!
Suzy R
Mobility Massage My massage was super relaxing- the music, atmosphere and skilled touch of Melina were everything I expected. She applied a lot of pressure during some parts of the massage, but I understood that it was to get my tissue to loosen up and it worked. She kept mentioning that she was creating movement and I didn't really get what she meant until I awoke the following day. For the next few days, I moved with incredible ease for my 8 months of pregnancy. I wish I could afford to get a massage every week!
Most Tranquil Experience I was extremely happy with my massage. I am 14 weeks pregnant and the massage bed was perfectly comfortable and my therapist new exactly what she was doing. She hit all the right spots at the perfect pressure. It was one of the most relaxing massages I have had in a long time:)
Erin T
Much Needed! This was my first prenatal massage at 36 weeks and it was wonderful! The atmosphere was very calming, I felt comfortable during the whole session and I definitely left really much more relaxed. Thank you!
Kacey W
Much needed relaxation! My massage with Lindsey was great! I will definitely be back, pregnant or not!
Sharon L
Perfection! Review of Lindsey Glover Lindsey gave me a wonderful prenatal massage that was just what I needed in my last few weeks of carrying my little one. She used a very relaxing technique that I appreciated, while still getting into my muscles enough to relieve some of the tension I've been experiencing in my low back and sciatic nerve. I highly recommend anyone who wants a lovely experience and massage to book with Lindsey!
Lisha D
Prenatal Massage Kathy was wonderful! I would say this is a must do for any expecting mother.
Caroline H
Prenatal Massage I really enjoyed my massage at the pregnancy massage center! I was having some left hip pain and Kathy was very attentive and helpful! I would recommend anyone who is pregnant to use this center!
prenatal massage with Kathy this was one of the best massages I've ever had. The pillows are perfectly supportive for sidelying. Kathy is excellent; she applied just the right amount of pressure and really worked on problem areas. Highly recommend.
Katherine L
Prenatal Massage with Malina I had a terrific massage with Malina. Deep but not painful. She really targeted my problem areas, and help release a lot of tension. I already scheduled my next appt.
Anne Marie D
Relief I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time of my first massage. I'd been having at least daily/nightly charlie horse cramps in my legs and feet. It was driving me crazy. Kathy was my massage therapist, and not only gave me a great, relaxing, stress-relieving massage, but she also gave me at least 3 nights (and counting) free from Charlie horses! Hooray!! Can't wait to get back...
Jennifer M
Should have booked sooner! I am so pleased with my massage! Two days later, I am still feeling relaxed and beautifully pregnant! Thank you so much, Kathy! I will be back!
so relaxing and soothing I had my first massage with The Pregnancy Massage Center and I absolutely loved it! I felt my whole body and mind relax. I am sure my baby felt my calmness as well!
Brittany W
The healing power of 60 minutes! I have been having so much trouble sleeping and getting comfortable throughout my pregnancy like many women. When I try to get out of bed my joints were stiff and muscles tense. Thankfully one of my students' parents gave me a gift certificate to the pregnancy center. From the very beginning of my session I already felt better and more relaxed. The table set up is so amazingly comfortable I wondered if I could start paying rent just to sleep there after hours. Haha Then the actual massage itself was perfect. All of those problems and stresses that had me so uncomfortable at night were completely worked out of my body. I was shown some stretches that have also proven to be very beneficial as well. I left feeling like a new woman and can't wait to go back!
Alicia W
Two massages, three happy customers My mother and I booked simultaneous massages here and the three of us (including my unborn child) all left very satisfied. My mom is in her fifties and had never had a massage, and I am in my first pregnancy and needed some relaxation. We were both treated very gently and felt very much at home. I hope to be able to book another appointment very soon.
Corienne W
Very relaxing I loved loved loved my massage! My masseuse was attentive to my medical needs and treated me like a queen!
Kari L
Very relaxing! I had an wonderful relaxing massage by Amy. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I really needed a specialty massage to help me relax. This is exactly what I received. I look forward to my next massage with Amy!!
Nykole H
Well worth it! This massage was much needed and very relaxing. Kathy exceeded my expectations. I NEVER fall asleep during a massage, but I did this time. She massaged and stretched me, and I felt like a new woman when she was done. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and hate that I waited so long to find this place.
Jill H
Wonderful Just what I needed at 37 weeks pregnant! Wonderful, relaxing experience. Thank you!
Betsy T
Wonderful experience I had never had any kind of massage before, and Kathy made me feel so comfortable. The massage was wonderful, and I left there with two thoughts: WHY haven't I done this before? and WHEN can I come back? I highly recommend Pregnancy Massage Center and Kathy!
Melanie J
Wonderful experience Review of Lindsey Glover Lindsey is so nice and friendly and professional. She certainly understands the aches and pains of pregnancy being 35 weeks pregnant herself! I felt more relaxed and "in line" than I've felt in months.
Wonderful massage The prenatal massage was so awesome and relaxing. I was one day past my due date and feeling a little stressed- it helped me calm down and feel great. I went into labor 24 hours after the massage. Thank you! My sweet baby is here now. :)
Tiffany I
wonderful massage! My massage from Tara was absolutely amazing! She applied the perfect amount of pressure and I felt so relaxed.
Zahava B
Wonderful massage by Kathy My massage was fabulous and i felt well taken care of by Kathy. She was very responsive and did a fantastic job! Highly recommended service and provider!
Ashley R
Worth Every Penny I had my first appointment this past weekend at The Pregnancy Massage Center. Kathy, my masseuse, really listened to me and paid special attention to the problem areas discussed (low back and pelvis). She was totally in tune with my body and handled it with such care and grace! I left my appointment walking taller and noticed a substantial decrease in the amount of overall tension. Will definitely be going back for round 2!